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The Wrightian Association is a nonprofit group of fans of Frank Lloyd Wright and "Organic Architecture."  We feel that Nature-centered architecture did not die with Mr. Wright's death in 1959 but continues today with many creative Organic architects such as Arthur Dyson and Kendrick Bangs Kellogg.  Wrightians have toured homes and buildings by Frank Lloyd Wright, Lloyd Wright, Bruce Goff and today's talented Organic Architects.  We have created ten architectural video documentaries (each one to two-hours long).  These productions, called "Wrightian's OA Video Documents," were funded by Wrightian Association members.  Two productions were funded by grants from the Graham Foundation in Chicago.  In 1978, we formed our association in Los Angeles but are interested, also, in forming an OA fan group in the Tacoma, Washington area.
The Los Angeles Conservancy honored us recently by using a portion of one of our documentaries, Wrightian's OA-7, on their website in order to acquaint the public with an endangered Lloyd Wright design, the Moore House in Palos Verdes, California, which is threatened with demolition.  It is our hope that, by the public seeing the video, this beautiful dramatic home can be saved.  There are FIVE parts of the Moore House documentary currently posted on YouTube by the Los Angeles Conservancy. If interested in viewing the Moore House portion of Wrightian's OA-7, narrated by architect Eric Lloyd Wright, CLICK on the YouTube link below:


This website was created in March 2011 and is a work in progress... More to come!
If interested in our activities or video documentaries, please CLICK on email link below:


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"Yen House" by Kendrick Bangs Kellogg featured in Wrightian's OA-9 video documentary

"Jaksha House" by Arthur Dyson featured on Wrightian's OA-5 video documentary

Wrightian Association - Fans of Frank Lloyd Wright and Organic Architecture
Wrightian's OA - Video documentaries produced by the nonprofit Wrightian Association

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